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Changing market dynamics and regulations have accelerated the adoption of digital technology and data in areas like telehealth, remote patient monitoring and medical imaging. Value-based care paradigms are accelerating digital health technologies for patient engagement. HealthTech companies today need to shift their focus to technology modernization, connected care technologies (Cloud, IoT), democratization of data and patient engagement.

Gepardo Healthcare supports HealthTech:

  • Our 100% focus on healthcare and in-depth understanding of HealthTech systems, workflows, regulatory and quality compliances (HIPAA, GDPR, CMS, ONC, FDA, ISO)
  • Strong interoperability capabilities – FHIR, HL7, Open EHR, DICOM, CDA, EDI – for EHRs, imaging, consumer devices, IoMT and other health IT systems
  • Digital technology capabilities – Cloud, IoT, mobile, microservices, micro frontends, APIs & containerization

We look forward to helping you propel your business into a new era

With better interoperability, empowered teams, and a solid architecture built for the future.

Driven by the conviction that smart, efficient and digital care – “connected care” – is within reach, we deliver world class healthcare interoperability expertise.

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