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Whether you already have your integration technology in place, or have just started implementing new systems and applications: Gepardo Healthcare experts are ready and equipped to assess how your solutions are performing. And of course, where they can be improved.

Are problems arising, or are you dealing with technical debt that seems to get out of hand? Or is there a general feeling that the implementation just isn’t configured right? We’re here to offer in-depth technical knowledge and proven experience in your situation on an ongoing basis. We assess the existing environment and draw up recommendation reports with necessary short-term and medium-term changes to optimize your specific environment.

With a limited number of skilled resources available, it is difficult to keep up the knowledge and skills within your organisation. When you are in need of extra hands to keep your systems and solutions operating in optimal form. Gepardo Healthcare Operational Support is customized to your specific needs and IT environment. Our experts deliver 24/7 operational support from the USA, Europe, and Asia. Meaning, you’ll always have someone closeby to help you out.

Developing and implementing is as exciting as it can be daunting. This is the stage where the magic happens, where you create and deploy solutions that will accelerate your enterprise. You build, you integrate, and you start noticing the results. At the same time, this is also a difficult stage, because mistakes made will keep showing up with the possibility of accruing technical debt down the line. Our Implementation Support prevents all that. With the Implementation Support service we put our engineers on the case and help you build the best possible integration solution. And how you want our support is entirely up to you: either on-site, by phone, e-mail or through a remote connection.

We look forward to helping you propel your business into a new era

With better interoperability, empowered teams, and a solid architecture built for the future.

Driven by the conviction that smart, efficient and digital care – “connected care” – is within reach, we deliver world class healthcare interoperability expertise.

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